UltraWraps (RFID & Barcode)

Protect NFC, RFID and Barcodes with Certags UltraWrap. Waterproof, tear and weather resistant UltraWraps are made for the lifting industry.

Unlike other rigid/loose RFID products the UltraWrap’s self-bonding application process clings smoothly to even the most difficult equipment to tag.

No heat or glue required, the UltraWrap simply bonds to itself, instantly forming a water and airtight seal rated from -50 to 260°C.

The UltraWrap can be used to encapsulate NFC, RFID and Barcodes, immediately elevating the identifier to an industrial standard suitable for the lifting industry.

The UltraWrap is THE asset management solution for the lifting industry… It needs to be seen to be believed!

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