Labeling and Signage made easy

The simplest way to print your safety labels and signs on-site.

ComplyPro 4

The simple yet innovative ComplyPro allows you to print custom, durable tags at your convenience.

Fast printing with no compromise in resolution. The ComplyPro4 runs 12mm to 100mm label stocks. Perfect for pipe markets, small signage, lockout tagout and general labelling.

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ComplyPro XL

Create bold messages with wide high resolution output printing.

Superior wide format printing. The ComplyPro XL wide format printer is designed for 4”, 6”, 7”, 8” and 9” prints. No matter what the width, your print is always high definition with a resolution of 300 dpi.

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OSHA Headers

Certags offers a variety of die-cut labels with pre-printed OSHA/safety regulation so that you can easily achieve safety compliance throughout your organization. OSHA safety rules dictate that certain situations require the posting of specific signs to communicate a particular safety message to workers. This message also tells them the potential severity of their task.

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Vinyl Tape

Your ComplyPro industrial printing machines will produce the best ˝” – 8” signs and labels with the flexible properties of vinyl tape from Certags.

We supply you with the most durable, high quality vinyl tape to ensure your ˝” – 8” labeling complies with the high standards required of importance identification and compliance notices.

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Specialty Tape

Depending on your vinyl tape needs, Certags also provides an excellent selection of specialty vinyl tape varieties. Each variety is manufactured to accommodate your particular labeling requirements for ˝” – 4” printing.

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Die Cut Labels

Die cut labels can be used for all kinds of labeling applications.

Storage drums, boxes, crates, shelves as well as any workplace equipment that needs to be identified.

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All ribbons come in a range of different colors for different labeling and signage requirements

Certags provides you with a range of specialized ribbon to suit any of your ˝” – 8” printer needs.

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