Hose Identification

Certags offers a comprehensive range of Hose Identification Systems that can be applied to a wide variety of hoses and related components used in the Hydraulics & Pnuematics industry. Certags has Pre-Printed and On-Site Print Your Own systems available. All Certags products are resistant to oil, grease, and hydraulic fluids.

In-House Printing with ComplyPro

The simple yet innovative ComplyPro allows you to print custom, durable tags at your convenience.  Perfect for hose identification, pipe markers, small signage, lockout tagout and general labelling.

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Zip Tags

Ideal for periodic inspections and asset tracking. Ziptags are easily applied to many different sized and shaped objects.

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Self Laminating Tags

This self-adhesive, tear-resistant synthetic tag is designed with a laminate flap to protect written information.

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