Inspection & Next Service Due

Certags is the global leader in the ‘inspection’ and ‘next service due’ market. Whether you are conducting inspections on equipment in your workplace or providing an after sales service on equipment in your customers workplace, it is extremely important that there is a label or tag applied to indicate the service or inspection has taken place and when the next work is due.

Certags HD Labels

A “Surface Mount” heavy duty, self-adhesive PVC label, the Certags HD Label is specially designed for use in harsh environments. These labels are ideal for harness inspection labeling due to their extra strong adhesive.

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Zip Tags

Ziptags are one of the toughest tags on the market, ideal for periodic inspections and asset tracking. Ziptags are easily applied to many different sized and shaped objects.

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The Sling Tag

This heavy duty PVC tag is versatile and hard wearing. The shape of this tag allows it to be applied to a variety of objects. Specially designed for use in harsh environments.

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The Supertag

This super-durable PVC tag is our toughest yet! Supertag is fully customizable, available in multiple colors and styles, and can be hand-written, engraved, or stamped in the field! When toughness matters, choose Supertag.

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