Lifting & Rigging

The Lifting & Rigging industry is a harsh environment, requiring specialized lifting and rigging tags that are uniquely suited for the roughest of conditions. Certags offers a range of time-tested, unique inspection and certification tags and labels for industrial and heavy-duty use. Below are some examples of products that we manufacture in-house with custom printing options.

The Zip Tag

This lifting and rigging tag is one of the toughest on the market. The two-stage ratcheting head allows for quick application to a wide variety of tools and equipment. Designed with the Lifting & Rigging industry in mind, ZipTag can hold up to the rigors of heavy industry.

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The Supertag

This super-durable PVC tag is our toughest yet! SuperTag is fully customizable, available in multiple colors and styles, and can be hand-written, engraved, or stamped in the field! When toughness matters, choose Supertag.

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The Sling Tag

This heavy duty PVC tag is versatile and hard wearing. The shape of this tag allows it to be applied to a variety of objects. Specially designed for use in harsh environments.

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Certags HD Labels

A “Surface Mount” heavy duty, self-adhesive PVC label, the Certags HD Label is specially designed for use in harsh environments. These labels are ideal for harness inspection labeling due to their extra strong adhesive.

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